We had a great trip and loved the itinerary you had set up for us. Gaby is fabulous and definitely made our experience way more interesting and special (we got super close with her and are definitely staying in touch).

The casa particular was beautiful! The family was super helpful and nice, giving us a ton of recommendations. They made us feel really welcome and their daughter even took us out the first night.

We loved going to the mosaic artist colony, the tobacco farms, horseback riding, the walk around old havana, the beach…we basically loved everything we did. It was also amazing that Gaby arranged for us to tour a hospital through her friend. That was really interesting for us and really unique.

One thing we will say is we had no problem finding taxis at all…they are everywhere and they were super cheap. We also recommend warning future tourists that they should break their larger cuban bills…even 10 CUC was too large for most taxis and people selling stuff…so that was one thing we struggled with.

It was a great trip and we’re already planning on going back, so we can explore more of Cuba. Thanks for arranging everything and organizing such an amazing trip for us!!!