Building Our Daiquiri DeLuxe Discovery Programs

By Erika Kitaoka,

International Destination Expert

Destination Expert Erika having fun in Venice!

One of our fascinations as humans is our thirst to discover, and travel gives us just that outlet! It is part of our evolutionary process to want to explore new cultures, flavors, landscapes and experiences. And as Albert Einstein said, “The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

About Daiquiri DeLuxe

So let’s learn a bit about Daiquiri DeLuxe’s Discovery programs to quench your thirst. First off, Daiquiri Tours has all the necessary connections in destination so that you can have a uniquely fabulous vacation without giving up comforts, safety or originality in exploring the world.

The Process

Your journey begins with painting a picture of your dreams. Our team will take the time to understand what moves you. We’ll explore your interests, your expectations and what excites you when traveling. You may be celebrating a special occasion, visiting a religious site, or simply checking off a bucket list destination. Our goal is to trigger your senses on your special trip by incorporating remarkable experiences, hidden places, and delicious flavors. Once we have identified your needs and desires we will be able to select services and activities that will allow you to have a totally personalized and customized experience.

The next step is to determine the practical aspects of your trip. Which countries and cities can offer you the experiences you’re craving? How many days are needed in each city?  What can you learn, explore or discover while there?  Working together, we will create a schedule for you to make the most of each city without making your trip too tiring. After all, we also want you to enjoy the comforts of your accommodations, possibly overlooking the beautiful coastline or magical landscapes over a glass of wine. At this stage, our agent will advise you on the ideal order of cities, the available transportation options between them and propose a route that will help make your trip flow harmoniously.

Once you’ve agreed, the magic begins!  Your assigned Destination Expert will start connecting with our local partners in your desired destination. We will call on local expert guides, in-destination colleagues, and our most carefully selected local suppliers to finalize the details of your proposed trip. Our team also works very closely with Tourism Offices to stay up-to-date with the latest exhibitions and happenings in every city.

What you can expect:

  •  WELCOME SERVICE – Private transfers that will not only wait for you when you arrive, but will provide you with your first basic introduction to the city.  Impeccable service with punctuality, making you feel safe no matter where you land.
  • PREMIUM ACCOMMODATIONS – Your lodging is one of the areas on which our team spends the most time on.
    -Your hotels are carefully selected based on their continuous high evaluation ratings and prestigious reputations. Location, comfort, customer service, cleanliness, design and security are all taken into account and emphasized.
    – Our goal is to select accommodations in a prime location that will allow you access to easily get around the city or area and near attractions, scenic areas and shops (when in larger cities). Your Destination Expert will make sure that you have good restaurants close to your hotel, and your breakfast will always be included.
    – We select lavishly furnished hotels, with elegant decor throughout, providing a luxurious and special feel with attention to detail. If your view is important, we will reserve rooms with special views and in the most desirable locations in each hotel (when available).
    – The hotel management is notified of your arrival and special attention will be requested for our Daiquiri DeLuxe customers. Enjoy all the privileges and treats that will be offered.
  • LOCAL GUIDANCE – After your arrival, you will interact with several local professionals to discover the city. Our licensed guides will show you a local and exclusive perspective of each tourist spot. They’ll recommend the best pasta or seafood, the hidden shop of the local artisan, the best time of the day to take a photo at that landmark. They will even help reserve special visits and tables at a prime restaurant. The guides are extremely well trained to deliver the best the city has to offer and make good use of your valuable time.
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCES– Part of your DeLuxe Discovery is exploring the unique places and experiences of every destination.  We will work with you to incorporate your interests and personalize experiences just for you and your travel companions.  Maybe you’ve always dreamt of driving a Ferrari in the Italian countryside, taking a panting lesson along the French Riviera, or sailing along the Greek Islands.  Whatever your desires, we will work hard to accommodate your requests.

In addition to accommodations, transfers and tours, our company will be responsible for arranging all transportation such as trains, private car services with chauffeur, car rentals, internal flights, jets, helicopters, ferries, etc. The best options will be discussed directly with you so that your trip is organized up to the smallest details.

Your Itinerary

Sample Itinerary App

About 60 days before your departure, you will receive your exclusive detailed itinerary with the day-by-day inclusions of your trip. It is like having a personal Guide 24 hours a day in the palm of your hand. Our interactive online application will allow you to access Google maps, routes, flight schedule changes, tourist information, recommendations for restaurants, shops and attractions (in addition to all the tips you’ll have access to from our local professionals). You will also have the list of documentation for immigration, packing lists, general information about local currency, , climate information, local customs, and travel tips.

Assistance All the Way

You will not be travelling alone!  Every step of the way you will have our resourceful digital guide and 24-hour access to our support team while traveling, both via the local emergency line and at our Miami base.   Daiquiri Tours will be there for you, ensuring that you make the most out of the trip you deserve.  Allow yourself to experience a Daiquiri DeLuxe Discovery!

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