Why We Travel!

We travel to experience the world. To learn about new cultures. To soak in the essence and history of a region. To sample new foods. To discover new customs and traditions. And to enrich our knowledge of the world.

In the past, it was challenging to truly discover a destination. The only things we could really do were visit attractions, take guided tours, and maybe try the local cuisine at local restaurants. But connecting with the locals and truly experiencing a destination through more hands-on activities was not so readily available. Thankfully, for us curious travelers, this has changed! There are so many experiences and adventures out there to choose from now!

Experience the World

An “experience” creates a more engaging and authentic way to discover a destination. It allows more connection with the locals, more learning, and more appreciation for a culture or people. Examples include taking a cooking class from an Italian grandmother in her home, taking salsa dance lessons at a community center in Cuba, picking grapes in a French vineyard with the locals, or even driving a moped through the small towns of Tuscany. It is about experiencing that destination like a local!

Travel is no longer what it was and becoming more involved with a destination makes for lasting memories. It is no longer enough for most travelers to visit Italy, for example, and just visit the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and St. Mark’s Square.  Why not enhance the trip with a wine and cheese pairing in a Tuscan villa?  Or add on an artisan tour through Florence, where you can visit with the goldsmiths and leather makers of the city?  And what about spending time in the kitchen of a renowned chef in Rome to learn how to make their famous home-made pasta alla carbonara? These are moments that simply make your trip. Think of how jealous your loved ones will be back at home!

Make Your Trip Unique- Add On Experiences!

There are unique experiences no matter where we travel, and those that are not published can be created in private experiences. At Daiquiri, we strive to include these types of adventures in our customized programs, and there is no one-size fits all when it comes to experiences. One couple may love cooking but the other may be more curious to visit a cigar factory and have an in-depth visit with one of the cigar rollers, for example!

No matter where you travel, we invite you to always try to include more than just a guided tour (which are also super important). Choose to sign up for one of many experiences available. Your trip will surely have more meaning and you’ll come back with a new appreciation for that destination!

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